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Scoter \Sco"ter\, n. [Cf. Prov. E. scote to plow up.] (Zool.) Any one of several species of northern sea ducks of the genus Oidemia. [1913 Webster] Note: The European scoters are Oidemia nigra, called also black duck, black diver, surf duck; and the velvet, or double, scoter (Oidemia fusca). The common American species are the velvet, or white-winged, scoter (Oidemia Deglandi), called also velvet duck, white-wing, bull coot, white-winged coot; the black scoter (Oidemia Americana), called also black coot, butterbill, coppernose; and the surf scoter, or surf duck (Oidemia perspicillata), called also baldpate, skunkhead, horsehead, patchhead, pishaug, and spectacled coot. These birds are collectively called also coots. The females and young are called gray coots, and brown coots. [1913 Webster]
Whitewing \White"wing`\, n. (Zool.) (a) The chaffinch; -- so called from the white bands on the wing. (b) The velvet duck. [1913 Webster]
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